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2008 Race Results


Race Results:

Craig Ward 2:01:57
Josh Holmgren 2:02:48
David Brinton 2:11:46
Tim Elison 2:19:50
Matt Walker 2:20:49
John Peebler 2:21:21
Kevin Packer 2:23:51
Tyler Nevenner 2:24:25
Camille Brinton 2:27:18
CJ Park 2:35:22
Lisa Packer 2:45:50
Sue Peebler 2:45:50
Kay Ward 2:52:02

XANGO Echo Triathlon

Perfect day for a race! Perhaps one of the strongest fields we've seen in a local race as well. The XANGO Echo Triathlon was this years USAT Regional Qualifier in addition to the largest purse prize this state has to offer for the sport of triathlon.List below are club members results:

Sprint Distance

Josh Holmgren 1:14:41 (3rd Age Group Awards)
Jeremy Holmgren 1:18:47
Spencer Rice 1:20:57
Dave Hendrickson 1:29:34

Olympic Distance

Tyler Hendrickson 2:22:49
Ryan Benson 2:38:49

IRONMAN Coeur D'Alene

Craig Ward 13:03:54"

Escape From Alcatraz

What a rush! This race is a must do, at least once in your lifetime...and then you'll be hooked and want to come back year after year. This is such a unique race because you first have the chance to "Escape From Alcatraz" by swimming across the channel to San Francisco. Despite the water being a chilly 56 degrees F, there is also a strong cross current, swells, and chop. With nearly 2000 people on board the San Francisco Belle the boat horn sounds and the starboard galley doors are opened. The racers then proceed to jump into the icy water, emptying the boat in just 6 minutes. It's literally like lemmings jumping off a cliff. There is no time to hesitate. You just go.
So after all of that exhileration, the race then leads to a 1K run to T1 where you begin the 18 mile hilly bike leg passed the Golden Gate Bridge and through the Presidio. Following the bike, back into transition you quickly start the 8 mile run. The run is Xterra-like quickly moving from pavement to trail, up steps, down steps, through a tunnel that's only 5 feet high, down steep trails to Baker Beach, on the sand next to the ocean, up the "Sand Ladder", and backtracking all the way to the finish. I will say this is one of the most energetic, well organized events I have ever competed in. Now it's your turn. The lottery opens this November!

Tyler Hendrickson 2:43:45

Salem Spring Tri

Josh Holmgren 30:57 (2nd Age Group)
Jeremy Holmgren 33:21
Tim Elison 34:17

Vikingman Half

Taylor Scalley 6:14:06
Matt Walker 6:38:12

Boise IRONMAN 70.3

Aside from the freezing cold lake (58F), this race was money!!! Downtown Boise was a happening place last weekend. There was "Ironman" everywhere you looked. It seemed like the entire town came out to cheer on the race. It was definitely loud and energetic at the transitions and finish line. This is a great race to put on the calendar for next season.Here are the club members results:

Tyler Hendrickson 5:14:08"
Craig Ward 5:38:00"
CJ Park 5:57:00"
Dave Ward 6:14:12"
Ryan Benson 6:19:11"
Jaime Wissler 6:29:18"

Saint George Triathlon

As always this race finds a new way to get tougher every year. With swells and whitecaps big enough for Search and Rescue to cancel the swim portion of the Sprint Race, the Olympic distance athletes were left to gut it out. As the strong winds continued to blow, the bike portion was much more difficult than many people expected. However, with the cooler temps, the run was pretty enjoyable for those who weren't completely exhausted by this point. Make sure you register early again next year!!! Here are club member results:

Olympic Distance

Craig Ward 2:39:47
Tyler Hendrickson 2:42:55
CJ Park 3:08:08
Dave Ward 3:16:45

Sprint Distance

Jeremy Holmgren 1:06:59
Spencer Rice 1:06:59 (no that's not a typo, they actually came in together)
Kevin Packer 1:12:13
Ryan Benson 1:12:15 (missed him by 2 seconds!)
Dave Hendrickson 1:14:37
Jim Hoggan 1:21:54
Dave Chytraus 1:26:41
Lindie Hoggan 1:55:31

SHAC Triathlon

Sand Hollow Aquatics Center (SHAC) Triathlon Great Job Josh! 1st in his AG and 4th Overall!!!

Josh Holmgren 1:00:13"

RAGE in the SAGE

Well it sounds like if you are looking for a tough desert race, this is the one for you. We had two nut jobs run the half iron distance in 90 degree plus temps. Jeremy enjoyed the much short distance.

Half Ironman

Craig Ward 5:59:27"
CJ Park 6:51:48"


Jeremy Holmgren 1:25:25"

Salt Lake City Half Marathon

It was great to see so many friends out running this race. We had great weather, a slightly downhill course, and a tailwind at times...couldn't ask for anything better!!!

Tyler Hendrickson 1:33:13"
James Wissler 1:49:31"
John Peebler 2:02:13"
Sue Peebler 2:02:14"
Lisa Packer 2:02:16"
Ryan Boyack 2:18:16"


As the name implies this race was FREEEEEZING!!! Great job to everyone who competed and braved the wind and cold temperature. Run, Bike, then Swim was certainly called for on this day...

Tyler Hendrickson 1:01:40
Josh Holmgren 1:07:11
Jeremy Holmgren 1:08:00
Tim Elison 1:12:12
Kevin Packer 1:14:03
John Peebler 1:15:23
Ryan Benson 1:17:08
Lisa Packer 1:32:55
Sue Peebler 1:34:21
Photos for the ICEBREAKER can be found at Zazoosh

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